CACHARREO Foto-Utopian Serie

Konzept: Adriana Torres Topaga
Performer*innen: Martyna Lorenc und Luis Gonzaga Hoyos

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    Developed at Otelo / Vorchdorf (Austria) at the project Project Cacharreo "Die Zukunft ist passé". In this series of photographs Adriana Torres and LAB ON STAGE experimented analog how to change the dimensions between the body and the objects, creating images that propose ways to inhabit an object or show the effect of an object on the body. They explored forms of relationship and representation. The images depict political and discursive practices, in relation to gender, sexuality, patriarchy, heterosexual regimes, and consumerism, and raise questions about the extent to which we contribute to their transformation.
    Starting from everyday life, the photo series aims to bring forth changes and thoughts that playfully deconstruct our own consciousness. It is about transforming the gaze into a fragment of a holistic, aesthetic experience and directing it towards the interaction between everyday objects and the human body.
    Is there a connection between our consumption habits, feminism and its representation? How do we relate to the non-human world (animals, plants, objects, etc.)

    Exhibited at K-Hof Gmunden 2022. LINK to the exhibition "the future is passé -Gmunden"

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